For the Spring Summer 2022 collection, the house’s founder and creative director Marie-Christine Statz reflected an ongoing conversation with Miren Arzalluz. It started when Miren was first introduced to GAUCHERE and immediately felt and understood the designer’s calling to create clothing for the individual that express their identity and mood.

This shared experience led to Miren interpreting Marie-Christine’s vision for the GAUCHERE collection in her own words. “It is just so powerful when you feel an intimate connection with your clothes, as if you and them were all one and the same, enabling you to express exactly what you want to tell the world about yourself, at that particular moment; protecting you where you most need it; helping you through challenges, hardships, successes and dreams. It’s an armor which is fluid, shielding and liberating.”

The 37 looks of the Spring Summer 2022 collection were filmed at the Palais Galliera. The architecture of the Neo-Renaissance Palace with its broad, monumental windows, paved courtyard, semicircular peristyle and glass & steel roof offered the perfect backdrop and atmosphere for the collection.

Whites, sand stone, vanilla and warm caramel hues dominate the colour palette. This light range is accentuated with a bright pea-green and completed by dark neutrals such as navy, midnight blue and black. The house’s monochrome gender fluid suiting offers powerful contrasts: tailored wools are connected with sheer fabrics. Shiny silk is panelled with dry cotton. Open weaved linen jackets have angular and elaborate shoulders that morph into organic and rounded shapes.