In these unusual times, looking at one thing at a time, listening to one sound at a time and allowing the experience to resonate was the key mood for Marie-Christine Statz. The urge to connect with ourselves, with what is right in front and with nature is a sensation that the designer felt and found it was shared by her community.

Doug Aitken’s installation ‘sonic pavilion’ with its more than 200 meters deep cavity brings up continuous and constantly-changing live sounds of the earth that are rich in frequencies and textures. The curved glass of the the prism-like architecture creates an optical distortion that visually blurs everything except what is directly in front of the viewer. This living artwork is a space for introspection and deeply touched Marie-Christine Statz.

This strong feeling of a common intrinsic concentration is translated into the Spring Summer 2021 collection. In order to bring this feeling to life during the defile, Marie-Christine Statz invited John James to initiate a decompression ceremony – her and the vibrations of her drums set the rhythm for this experience.

Tailoring and monochrome suiting are the house’s uniform and clearly visible in the 30 looks of the collection while adding a softer tone. Marie-Christine Statz translated the vulnerable mood of today into organic shapes and created additional room within the garments. It feels like a body liberation when everything around you is restricted. Bubbles reshaping the volume, inside-out fashioning as well as patching of fabrics and patterns express the new reality. Next to black and white, earthy, warm hues such as brick, ebony, vanilla, khaki and stone blue dominate the colour palette and are accentuated with a sky blue and bright lemon.

Broad shoulders paired with a small waist continues to be an important silhouette for dresses and blazers. They come in structured linen, coated cotton, super light silks and transparent lace.